TOUReply Website (hereinafter "the site") and its owners respect you. We highly respct, value & commited to your privacy, as a user of the site.



 Using the Q&A database requires no registration. However, submitting questions requires a one- time, fast & simple registration, free of charge. By registering, we are able to send you an email message, informing you that your question was answered along with a link to the direct location at TOUReply Website. We respect you and committed to your privacy: your registration details are protected and confidential and won't be misused. Your email address is necessary for the needs of identification, updates & relevant replies. We commit that neither your private details, nor your email address, will be publicly presented on our site or delivered to third parties. However, TOUReply is allowed and may send you from time to time updates and relevant information about the site and its services and tools as well as targeted and tailored info or info with some marketing content, as long as the frequency of those messages will be very low, the information and updates would solely be sent by the site and not by third-parties. Needless to mention that those kinds of email delivery would be without giving or exposing any kind of personal details to advertisers or other third parties.



For the avoidance of doubt, TOUReply Website and its owners do not sell, rent or transfer to third parties any kind of users lists, email addresses, registration details etc. In any given time, a user can ask to be removed from the site's mailing list and from that moment, he won't receive any further info from TOUReply. The Users' registration details are stored in TOUReply database. According to the law, a user is not required to provide the information included in the registration form, but without providing several basic details (such as email address), users will only be able to search and use the full Q&A database rather than enjoying all the services in the site.



The site uses cookies for the ongoing operation of the site and its free services, including the following purposes: Protection of the site's databases and other information security purposes, authentication & validation of registers details, improving the access of users to the site's info and services, improving surfing speed & usage of the site, providing an optimized website experience for users, adjusting the site to users personal preferences , avoiding the need of repeated log-in for registered users, self-measuring of site activity, collecting statistical data about general surfing patterns on the website. All that, in order to improve the site and the users' surfing experience, to protect the site and the users and adjust the free services to the actual needs & patterns of users.  Cookies are small data/text files that created by browsers according to command from TOUReply website (as occurs in other websites) during and after registration. Cookies are not revealing any kind personal information of the users. In addition, while some cookies are saved on computer's hard disk for limited time and automatically expired after ninety days, other cookies will expire right after closing the browser. We don't use or send cookies in order to get or retrieve any information from users computers.
Users can delete those cookies whenever they want. Saved cookies are stored in the folder c:>windows>cookies as well as in c:>windows>Temporary Internet Files. Most of the web browsers are accepting cookies, as a default. Users, who prefer not to receive a cookie, can easily change the definitions in their web browsers.
However, not accepting or disabling cookies might cause problems during the usage of the free services which required a password & a user name. Since we don't receive any kind of information from these cookies that might identify users, our recommendation is that users will accept the cookies and won't delete them.
For the avoidance of doubt, TOUReply Website and its owners will not use general registration data and other statistical data for any purpose, other than specific technical aspects and information security issues directly related to the maintenance & improvement of the site and to info, tools, content and free services included in the site, as well as for updating users with new services and for statistical analysis. Any statistical analysis of surfing & usage patterns will include only general data and info but not personal details. No personal data or users' registration details will be revealed, identified or connected to the general analyzed data. In other words, users won't be identified by such kind of information. In addition, TOUReply Website and its owners are allowed to transfer general statistical information (collected and analyzed from general cookies data) to advertising agencies, if and when such information required for advertising matters as long as this information is a general one and not includes or reveals any personal details and there is no possibility to identify users or to connect between specific users and this general information. If those companies use cookies in their advertisements, it is under their privacy policy and is not related to the policy of this website. If willing to do so, users can check their specific privacy policy, as published in their websites. For conclusion & for the avoidance, the information gathered in our website for analyzing, advertising, maintenance etc. is general &anonymous without revealing, identifying or connecting to any users' personal details. 



TOUReply Website and its owners use different information security systems and implement various actions & procedures in order to protect the information on this website and the details given by registered users. These measures are been taken in order to maximally eliminate malicious attacks on the site, to prevent as much as possible unauthorized malicious intrusions to our computers and to block forbidden usage of information by third parties.  However, as well known, despite our efforts to provide maximum protection to our website and although such information security systems and techniques dramatically reduce the potential risks, it is impossible to promise total blocking and absolute prevention. Therefore, in light of the fact that it is impossible to supply absolute & complete security, TOUReply Website and its owners don't guarantee nor responsible that services, tools and info on the site are totally and completely protected & immunized to unauthorized intrusions to our computers and systems and to forbidden usage of the information stored there. Therefore and implied as a result that in no event, TOUReply website and its owners are not liable and will not be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, and for any problems and implications caused to users as a result of unauthorized access or intrusion by others or because of forbidden usage of the site and it's services and content by third parties. Furthermore, in no event, TOUReply website and its owners will be liable to any damages caused by actions, processes or failures that are not related to the site or its owners and are not under their control or supervision. By entering the site, surfing and using it, the user is aware to the fact that he has no claim, demand or future request against the website and it's owners in issues or matters related to Information security subjects or unauthorized malicious intrusions.
In no event, TOUReply website and its owners will be liable to any financial or emotional damages or equivalent harm, caused by actions, processes or failures that are not under their full control or exclusively supervision, including hosting & storage related issues.  



TOUReply Website and its team refer to IP address issues for one purpose only: Assistance in analyze and diagnose problems with site's servers and in day by day managing of the site. In any case, there is no intention at all to try and identify users by their IP address. If and when we collect general data about IP address for statistical usage analyses, the data and the reports will be collective, broad & anonymous but not individual or personal. 



In accordance with the law and jurisdiction limitations and rules, TOUReply website and its owners will maximally avoid delivering user's personal details to third parties, unless they are forced to do that by judicial order or in the very special case when the site and it's owners are meeting the threat of having lawsuit or legal proceedings (criminal or civil) against them due to actions or violations of "terms of use" done by this user. In such a case, the website and its owners are allowed and permitted to deliver user's details to the party claimed to be harmed by the user's actions, or in accordance with judicial order. In addition, the website team and owners will not deliver user's details and usage patterns to third parties unless a user violate the website terms of use or act in a criminal way or in a  manner that may harm and cause problems and damages to other users or to the website & its owners.  In order to prevent future severe damages to the website, its owners, third parties & the user himself and in order to avoid fraud, criminal offense and damages on the internet through the website or in purpose to locate and respond to existing problem or violation, the website team & owners have the full permission and right to use their solely judgment and deliver details to third parties by their consideration. In any case, forced to expose user's details by the law or by judicial order, TOUReply website and its owners will do their best efforts protecting user's privacy under these circumstances. 



TOUReply website and its owners use and treat users personal details in accordance with relevant law orders & rules, including the privacy law 5741 – 1981, and under the user's approval and agreement in the registration form. Under the protection of Privacy law, 5741 – 1981, every user is entitled and has the right to access his registered details in the database. A user can request to correct, update or erase his/her stored registered details from the database, using the "contact us" form in the website.   



TOUReply website and its owners have the right and permission to change or update this privacy policy from time to time or as needed.  If and when such changes occur, it will be posted on this page. 



By entering & registering to TOUReply website and by using its services & tools, any user agrees to the terms of use and to the privacy policy of TOUReply website. Therefore, the usage of the Q&A database and other services and tools is an approval to the fact that the user has no claim, demand or future request against the website and it's owners in issues or matters related to protection of privacy, Information security and other subjects and paragraphs, as described above.



Should you have any question, comment or request regarding TOUReply website, please use "Contact us" form in the website.



TOUReply team wishes you a nice trip & a very pleasant vacation!           



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