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Where can I study Mandarin Chinese language in Hong Kong?

I'm looking for information about the ferries on Lago di Maggiore in Northern Italy. Where can I find prices & timetables?

Barcelona- When is Easter this year? Also, I would like to know what's open and closed on these days in the city

I’m planning a trip from Mid February; starting in north India, continue to Nepal and afterwards Tibet. I have no time limit and would like to know is this the right order to visit those countries between February & April?

Tenerife – What is the name of the popular or large supermarkets chain on the Island?

What is the best way to fly from Laos to Indian city of Chennai? Can I get a Visa to India while I'm in Laos?

When do the Cheese Markets in Alkmaar & Edam take place?

When is the best time to visit Andaman Islands?

During my stay in Chennai, where can I obtain an Entry Permit to Andaman Islands?

Where and when there are Christmas Markets in Milan and Turin, in Italy?

What is the time difference between New York (USA) and Bangkok (Thailand)?

We are dutch couple and we want to visit Madagascar. Do we need an entry visa to Madagascar?

Next week I will be in London and I am looking for a bookstore that specializes in Nature books

How much it cost to take a taxi from Kathmandu airport to Kathmandu city center?

Hello. Is there any website delivering tracking and reports to follow the movement of the Indian summer (Foliage) in the eastern side of USA this year?

Traveling by train from Milan to Florence and back. Should I buy a ticket ahead using the internet or only at the last minute at the station, considering changes and delays that might occur in the railways system there?

What type of plug adapter do we need for our trip to New Zealand?

Do German and Italian citizens need a Visa to the United States?

What is the official currency in Cyprus today? Is it still the Cyprus pound or Euro?

Where can I find information about the ferries on Maggiore Lake in Northern Italy?

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